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Do you know the precautions for masks?

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Do you know the precautions for masks?
Latest company news about Do you know the precautions for masks?

Recently, a cluster of epidemics broke out in Kashgar, Xinjiang. As of 19:00 on October 25, 138 cases of asymptomatic infection with new coronary pneumonia have been found in Kashgar.

The sudden epidemic has aroused the attention of the people across the country, and the issue of personal protection needs to be paid more attention again. The experts responded to individual questions as follows:




Wearing more masks can better prevent virus infection?

Yang Hongcai, director of the Disinfection and Infection Control Center of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region Center for Disease Control and Prevention, replied: Under normal circumstances, as long as a qualified medical mask is worn correctly, one can achieve the protective effect.Wearing multiple masks at a time will not produce a cumulative protective effect. It will only damage the air tightness of the mask and increase discomfort, which may cause breathing difficulties and air leakage from the mask.

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What masks should we wear on different occasions?

Yang Hongcai replied: Wearing a mask is for the purpose of self-protection and reducing the risk of respiratory tract infection. You should choose to wear different masks on different occasions.Disposable medical masks are used for general protection, disposable surgical masks are used for droplet isolation, and disposable medical protective masks are used for air isolation.When going to the hospital or visiting patients, especially when going to the fever clinic or the respiratory department of the hospital, you should wear a medical surgical mask; if you are going to a general public place without contact with the patient, you can choose to wear a disposable medical mask.

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In confined places with poor air circulation, closed transportation, such as airplanes, high-speed rails, buses, and poorly ventilated public places with densely populated people, you need to wear masks all the way.


When we change the mask, this matter is also very important, that is, when we take off the mask, we should pull the rope and take it off directly without touching the contaminated surface of the mask, that is, not touching the outside of the mask.Finally, fold it inward and discard it. If you have been to a fever clinic in a hospital, or have come into contact with a mask of a suspected or confirmed patient, you need to seal the mask separately and spray alcohol for disinfection.


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