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How to choose gloves?

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Company News
How to choose gloves?
Latest company news about How to choose gloves?

    2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and just the COVID-19 has caused serious trauma to people in different countries and regions of the world.Not just health problems, but the terrible impact of a more serious economic recession.Many businesses are closing in droves, leading to high unemployment around the world

latest company news about How to choose gloves?  0(figure 1)

    With the health problems caused by COVID-19, a stable job is equally important.No job means no income, and life is difficult to maintain. Even medical treatment is not a small expense.Those who are still in high-risk areas, how should these people carry out epidemic prevention?

latest company news about How to choose gloves?  1(figure 2)

    First of all, a mask that can achieve an effective epidemic prevention effect is definitely necessary.If it is difficult to buy a mask locally, you can find it on a shopping website, such as Amazon or Alibaba.

latest company news about How to choose gloves?  2(figure 3)

    So in addition to masks, what else do people need to protect in high-risk areas? That is the glove!


    How do you choose a pair of gloves?


  Whether you are a friend in any industry, wearing gloves is to hope that the gloves can protect our hands from external bacterial contamination, so the tightness of the gloves is very important.The inspection method can be blown into the glove or filled with water to test.Good sealing performance is an important factor we consider

latest company news about How to choose gloves?  3(figure 4)

    Powdered gloves and powder-free gloves

    Gloves on the market today, with or without powder, are also characteristic of gloves.In the case of powdered gloves, manufacturers usually add corn starch to latex gloves or nitrile gloves to prevent the gloves from sticking together and to facilitate wearing.Powder-free gloves have PU coating in the gloves.In the medical field, it is safer to use powder-free medical gloves.

latest company news about How to choose gloves?  4(figure 5:Disposable Nitrile Gloves)

    Qualification issues

    There are good and bad gloves on the market.Therefore, it is necessary to choose gloves with complete certificates and clear identification provided by regular medical gloves manufacturers to achieve traceability of the process and avoid unnecessary risks.

latest company news about How to choose gloves?  5(figure 6)

    Do you understand it?






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